Raising Mixed Heritage Youth with Compassion and Competence

As America experiences a multiracial baby boom, parents, teachers and child welfare professionals must be equipped with resources to help raise happy and healthy mixed heritage youth. Published in 2003, this groundbreaking, 288-page volume edited by Maria P. P. Root, Ph.D. and Matt Kelley, offers 35 chapters to assist the people who work with children to serve multiracial youth with compassion and competence. Providing both a developmental and mixed heritage-specific approach, the Multiracial Child Resource Book provides a layered portrait of the mixed race experience from birth to adulthood, each chapter written by the nation’s experts and accompanied by first-person testimonials from mixed heritage young adults themselves.


"Edited by leaders in the multiracial movement, the well-designed and highly informative Multiracial Child Resource Book addresses issues of race, identity development, multiracial identity, and various multiracial heritages in a direct and engaging format. Combining chapters by authorities in specific issues with first-person narratives, arresting photos, mini-resource reviews, lists of celebrities of various mixed heritages, and an extensive resource list, this book is an instructive and invaluable resource for pediatric nurses and families alike..."
- Elizabeth Ahmann, Pediatric Nursing Magazine (2004)

"The Multiracial Child Resource Book is a new resource that is unique and invaluable...It sensitively illuminates the lives of families. It explains more clearly what dilemmas confront multiracial individuals and families. And it provides concrete guidance for meeting current needs. This resource is particularly helpful for those of us working with youth and nourishing their paths of self-discovery."
- Tracey L. Hurd, Ph.D., for Unitarian Universalist Faith Works (2005)

"Finally, somebody has wrestled the unwieldy, complicated, sound-bite-resistant subject of multiracial identity into a format that’s both comprehensive and manageable. ...the book is intrinsically dynamic, each chapter interweaving scholarly pieces with oral histories and snappy factoids. One of the longstanding debates inside and outside the multiracial experience has been about how much people from different mixed backgrounds have in common. This rich guide navigates the debate beautifully... Also long overdue is the inclusion of the transracial adoptee experience."
- Lise Funderburg, for Adoptive Families Magazine (2004)

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