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Anne Katahira-Sims, Executive Director
Anne joined MAVIN in April 2006 after serving as a program officer at The Seattle Foundation. She has an extensive background in philanthropy, fundraising and the local nonprofit sector. Anne has served on numerous boards and committees, and as a volunteer for organizations including the Service Board, the City of Seattle Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs and Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy. She received Philanthropy Northwest’s Mary Helen Moore Volunteer of the Year Award (2004), and was a founding member of the Grantmakers of Color Affinity Group. Anne holds a BA in History and East Asian Studies from Oberlin College. Born and raised in Southeast Seattle, which, according to Census 2000, has one of the largest multiracial populations in the region, she has a deep personal connection to mixed heritage and transracial adoption issues. As a Japanese, English, Russian Jewish mother of a multiracial child, she exists at the intersection of many of the issues MAVIN works to address and is thrilled to have the opportunity to work directly for the mixed heritage community in her professional life. Anne enjoys spending time with her partner and son, learning about people and sharing good food with friends and family.

Justin Leroy, Director of Chasing Daybreak, the Generation MIX Tour Film
Justin Leroy graduated with a BA in film studies from Wesleyan University. There he received honors for his short documentary Eracesure, which examines the rising popularity of ethnically ambiguous fashion models. He is also the recipient of a Freeman Foundation grant to conduct original research on mixed race issues. His work has been screened at universities, museums, and film festivals, and combines art with social commentary.

Joana Ramos, Project Manager
Joana joined the MAVIN staff in April 2006, after serving as an advisor to the MatchMaker program. She holds an AB in Anthropology from Boston University, and an MSW from the University of Washington in Community Organization & Research, and has worked in a variety child welfare, education, and healthcare settings. Personal experience as a BMT survivor led her to switch careers to work on improving access to treatment for medically underserved patients and related health policy issues, domestic and international. Joana served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Brazil, and later lived in the Amazon region with her family. She now serves as an advisor to cancer patient and professional groups, both international and country-specific, including those in the US, Brazil, Peru, and the Philippines. She was a reviewer of the Institute of Medicine’s 2005 report "Cord Blood: Establishing a National Hematopoietic Stem Cell Bank Program," and is a member of several oncology professional societies and health equity groups. Joana draws on her personal background as a member of a multi-heritage family as a frequent trainer and author on health and social justice topics, and utilizes her multilingual skills as a medical interpreter for patients and as a translator for health organizations. Her hobbies are hiking, reading mysteries, bread making, and writing, including a website at