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. As America experiences a mixed race baby boom, MAVIN Foundation can provide your organization, company, or conference with the nation's experts on multiracial issues and the changing face of diversity.

Currently Available Speakers and Consultants:

Matt Kelley
Founder, MAVIN Magazine and Foundation
Media Features

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Published Works Include
Race Changes
(syndicated by Alternet.org)
Multiracial Child Resource Book
Race, Ethnicity & Education
(Contributor, forthcoming)

Matt Kelley Bio
Matt Kelley is the 27-year-old founder of MAVIN Foundation, the nation's leading organization advocating for mixed heritage people and families. He is co-editor of the Multiracial Child Resource Book and producer of the documentary film, Chasing Daybreak: Mixed Race in America. As America experiences a mixed race baby boom, Matt Kelley is recognized as the young voice of America’s mixed race movement.

In 1998, as a 19-year-old freshman at Wesleyan University, Matt founded MAVIN magazine. While at Wesleyan, he co-chaired the Multiracial Students' Organization, resurrected the National Conference on the Mixed Race Experience and taught "Racially Mixed in the USA." In 2000, MAVIN became the nonprofit MAVIN Foundation. Under Matt’s leadership, MAVIN Foundation has invested over $2.5 million into ambitious and award-winning projects. Additionally, Matt helped to found three multiracial organizations in Seattle.

Matt is a highly sought-after national speaker and consultant on race and diversity issues, fielding requests by the Fulbright Commission, the National Education Association, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and MTV. He has been featured in over 400 media, including the New York Times, CNN, USA Today and PARADE. He has represented the mixed race community on the Decennial Census Advisory Committee of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and has presented testimony to Congress about the health needs of mixed heritage people. Matt is the recipient of numerous awards, including a "Points of Light" distinction by President George W. Bush and being named one of the "Ten Outstanding Young Americans" by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking + Workshop Topics
Matt enjoys working with conference and event planners to tailor individual presentations to specific audiences. He combines personal anecdotes with expert analysis on a wide range of cutting-edge information to make a compelling presentation for students and professionals alike.

Matt's Recent Engagements

2/16: Grand Rapids Com. Coll.
2/4: Japanese Amrcn Citizen's League (JACL)
2/1: Portland Comm. College
1/26: Shorline Comm. Coll.
1/25: Seattle University
1/20-21: AEP Summit Chicago
1/17: Univ. of Washington
1/9/2006: Western Wash Univ.
12/11: Bethany United Church
12/1: S. Puget Sound Com Coll
10/20: "Mixed Generation" Int'l Conf. (Seoul, Korea)
10/12: Special Event for Senator Patty Murray (D-WA)
10/9: Plymouth "Future Visions"
10/8: MAVIN 3rd Annual Gala
9/23: Cities in Transition [post]
9/21: KBCS's Voices of Diversity
9/9: Women in Media Ntl. Conf.
8/30: Seattle Foundation
8/26: Life Learning Academy
6/29: Ntl. Educatn. Assoc. (NEA)
6/19: Korean American Coalition
5/26: Keynote, IRS
5/25: University of Washington
5/24: Sacramento City Council
5/24: Keynote, Florin JACL
5/19: Keynote, US Postal Servce
4/24: Smithsonian Institution
4/2: WA Education Assoc. (WEA)
3/31: University of Maryland
3/29: Shoreline School District
3/15: SoCal POCIS
2/28: Kelso School District
2/3: Port of Seattle
1/21: OneWorld Now!
1/15: Western Washington U.

Justin Leroy
Director and Editor
Chasing Daybreak:
Mixed Race in America

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Justin Leroy Bio
Justin Leroy graduated with a BA in film studies from Wesleyan University. There he received honors for his short documentary Eracesure, which examines the rising popularity of ethnically ambiguous fashion models. He is also the recipient of a Freeman Foundation grant to conduct original research on mixed race issues. His work has been screened at universities, museums, and film festivals, and combines art with social commentary.

Speaking + Workshop Topics
Justin is available to do workshops and screenings of his film, Chasing Daybreak: Mixed Race in America. For more information, please visit the Film website or download the info packet:
[416 KB]

Justin's Recent Engagements

11/30: Wesleyan University screening of Chasing Daybreak
11/6 : Detroit Film Festival
9/10: Seattle Screening of Chasing Daybreak
8/21: Roxbury Film Festival
8/20: Pioneer Valley Arts Festival
4/23: Wesleyan University
3/25: Generation MIX Tour Crew Workshop

Lisette Austin
MAVIN Foundation
Community Liaison

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Lisette Austin Bio
Lisette is a native Seattleite of African American and Italian descent. She has a MA in American Indian Studies. In 2002 she founded Multiracial & Interracial Experience (MIX), MAVIN's Seattle-area community group for the multiracial and transracial adoption community. She served as MIX's secretary for 3 years. Her many professional incarnations include community liaison and consultant for MAVIN, research project coordinator at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and freelance writer. Her favorite job is parenting her 3 year old son Zane.

Speaking + Workshop Topics
Coming Soon.

Lisette's Recent Engagements

Coming Soon.