What does "mavin" mean?
The word "mavin" has roots in Yiddish and means "one who understands." The magazine and foundation do not have a religious affiliation.

How did MAVIN get started?
Matt Kelley founded MAVIN magazine as a 19-year-old freshman at Wesleyan University in 1998. MAVIN became a nonprofit Foundation in 2000. For more information, please visit the history section of our website.

How do I become a member and what are the benefits?
MAVIN Foundation members receive a free copy of MAVIN magazine, as well as discounts on other MAVIN merchandise, including our Multiracial Child Resource Book. Members also receive our newsletter and periodic updates on MAVIN Foundation events. To become a member, visit the members section of our website.

How can MAVIN help me start a multiracial campus or community organization?
We are happy to help you start a campus or community organization dedicated to mixed heritage and transracial adoption issues. Campus inquiries should be made here. Community inquiries should be made here.

How do I find out if there are any staff positions available at MAVIN?
Please visit the staff section of our website and look at the right hand column for job postings.

Does MAVIN Foundation make grants or offer scholarships?
No. MAVIN Foundation is a nonprofit organization and seeks funding from a variety of sources to support our innovative programming.

How can I volunteer with MAVIN?
We are always in need of volunteers! Please email info@mavinfoundation.org or call 206 622 7101 and discuss your availability and interests.

I would like to inquire about having a MAVIN Foundation staff or Board member speak at my conference. How do I do this?
Speaking and consulting inquiries should be made by contacting info@mavinfoundation.org by email or call 206 622 7101.

Still have a question?
Please email us and we'll do our best to answer it in a timely manner, though volumes often make doing so difficult. Thanks for your interest!

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Superb Parenting Resource
MAVIN has published a groundbreaking book to educate parents and professionals about raising healthy and happy mixed race youth more>