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Starting a Tradition of Student Leadership.
MAVIN Foundation's Education Project, seeks to support the full inclusion of mixed race and transracially adopted students at U.S. schools. We followed up on the success of our first two years with the 3rd annual Mixed Heritage Student Leadership Retreat at beautiful Mt. Rainier National Park. Students from across the nation engaged in a four-day exploration of mixed heritage issues via workshops, conversation and a group hike!

This year we'd like to thank Counselor and Volunteer Haleah Blank for providing many of these beautiful photos.

Jen ponders.

David in his cool shades.

Learning outdoors, gotta love it.

Lauren listens intently.

We got a little tired sometimes.

But made new friends.

The retreat trains our communities future leaders.

By connecting them with current leaders like counselor Marquita.

Alicia and Ramon take a break.

We worked on tough issues.

Had some fun.

And created future plans.

Shared our thoughts.

Went on adventures.

And are ready to face the future together.